Environmentally Conscious


Environmentally Conscious

We’re concerned about the environment and its depleting resources. You will notice that we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint with the many environmentally friendly initiatives that dot the property. We encourage you to join us in our efforts.

Save Water: Water at The Birdcage is drawn from a natural spring about 1.5 KM away. It is an extremely scarce resource in our neighbourhood and we urge you to use it optimally, not waste it in any manner. Don’t worry, there’s plenty available to furnish our needs, just enjoy it responsibly.

Rain Water Harvesting: We’re excited when it rains. A 40000 ltrs rain water storage system in our backyard works hard towards collecting, storing and recycling this water so that we can use it judiciously for Gardening and other external application requirements around the property.

Solar Power: The use of Solar Power too finds it way in to The Birdcage, with some investments. Hot water in our guest bathrooms is courtesy Solar Water Heating Plants. We also have an electric backup for snowy days.

Organic Kitchen Garden: The words farm to table ring true here at The Birdcage. We house a small organic kitchen garden that is used to grow vegetables and herbs. We also source a lot of organic produce from nearby farms and orchards, making sure everything you eat is truly, farm fresh!

Minimum Use of Plastic: Plastic is non-biodegradable and once swallowed up by Mother Earth, it will stay there forever causing much havoc to the environment. We try to use as little plastic as possible and also encourage you to do the same.



Alcohol: We do not serve alcohol, however, you can bring in your own and enjoy it in your rooms.

Sheeshas: We serve multiple flavours of Sheesha at the Restaurant or in your room balcony if you please. Pack light, no need to bring your own.

Celebration Dinner: Visiting us for a Birthday, Anniversary or just simply to celebrate love? We would love to be part of your celebrations and happily organize a private Celebration Dinner in the open for you & your loved one. We will decorate the open space with ferry lights, serve a lavish 5 course dinner for a couple and a bottle of Cabernet Shiraz. What makes it even more exotic is that we will set this up in a private area exclusively for you. We will charge INR 5500 for the whole deal. Or we can just decorate the space for you and serve you in private at INR 1500 additional.

Bon Fire: You sure can cozy up to your partner on those cold nights. We will organize a Bon Fire in your private garden at an extra charge of INR 800.

Dog Friendly: Bring in your furry friends when you stay with us. Do intimate us in advance. Do let us know if you need any special arrangements, we will try our best to accommodate.

In-house Entertainment: We have a host of board games, books/magazines & a Karaoke set to keep you engaged while spending long evenings indoors.

WIFI: While we encourage you to hang up on technology when on holiday, you will be happy to know that the entire property is WIFI enabled.


Basic Facilities

Parking: There’s ample parking for your vehicles when you are staying with us.

Driver Stay: Accommodation can be arranged for your driver on first come, first serve basis at an extra charge. Do reserve their stay while making your booking with us. We charge INR 500 per night for Driver’s stay and can provide our Staff Meals to them at INR 150 per meal.

Maid Stay: We do not provide accommodation for your maid and we do not encourage them on our property.

Extra Bed / Additional person: In case you need an extra bed in your room to accommodate additional person, it will be charged additionally (breakfast included):

Infant to 5 years: Sorry, we are not infant / toddler friendly property.
5 years to 18 years: INR 1500 per night
Above 18 years: INR 2500 per night

Water Treatment Plant: We have invested in a Water Treatment Plan which uses imported media to deliver only soft water free of all kinds of bacteria & other impurities. We further have RO plants to provide us drinking water.

Laundry: While we do not offer laundry services, we wouldn’t mind lending you our iron.

Power Backup: Power outages is not a big problem here. However, we still have an Invertor & Diesel Generator backup for those days & nights when we may have power disruptions.

CCTV: Your safety is our concern and to ensure that you are secure at all times the entire property is under CCTV surveillance.


Emergency Services

Medical First Aid Kit: For those tiny cuts and bruises we have a medical first aid kit handy. Just give us a shout if you need any help.

Pharmacy: In case you need to replenish your medication, the nearest pharmacy is at Bhatelia market, just 600 mtrs away.

Doctor on Call: A Doctor will be available on call for basic ailments. There is also a small hospital around 2 km away for basic treatment. In case of critical/emergency situations, the nearest proper hospital should ideally be called upon.

Hospital & Ambulance: The nearest trusted hospital is 75 KM away in Haldwani. In case Ambulance Services are needed, 108 service could be called upon depending on availability.

Nearest Petrol Pump: There is no Petrol Pump in Mukteshwar, so its advised that you tank up before you get here. Nearest petrol pumps are around 40kms away at Bhimtal, Bhowali and Almorah.

Payment Options: You can choose to pay your dues via the payment gateway on our website. We also accept payment by cards and cash.

Nearest ATM: In case your wallet needs a refill, nearest ATM is at Mukteshwar SBI branch, approx 7km away.


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