Unlock yourself


Unlock yourself

It starts with a flutter in the heart and transcends in to a thought in the tired mind, it travels south and starts tickling your feet, to let go and break free, to leave it all behind, to escape, even if it is just for a few days. Give in to this desire.

City life has its perks, however, it loses out when you start taking in to account the maddening noise, suffocating air pollution, inescapable emotional and physical stress that keeps pushing you to be part of a race that you cannot opt out of. You can however, take a break – rejuvenate and rejoin with lifted spirits.

Unlock Yourself

We invite you to The Birdcage, your home away from home to replenish your spirits, ease your weary mind, relax your tired body and feel alive.

Resting face to face with the beautiful Himalayas, in the lap of glorious nature, in Mukteshwar, The Birdcage offers countless opportunities to just let go of everything and become one with tranquil surroundings to experience pure bliss.

Majestic Himalayan views allow you to truly understand how tiny your problems are and make you realize that absolutely anything is possible. Magical connections await when you get lost amidst the wilderness during long quiet walks, only to be disturbed by the rustle of pine trees and birdsong. Long drives and rides through the wilderness too help jog up cloudy minds!

Picnics with your loved one watching the sunset, chasing shooting stars at night and finding warmth by bonfires help rekindle a lost romance. Hear the sound of your inner voice as you spend an afternoon lazying by placid lakes and if you are thirsting for some adventure, make it atop the many jagged cliffs, indulge in adventure sports, embrace your surroundings, take a deep breath and come alive.

Come, spend a few days with us at The Birdcage, an escape designed to offer you just what you need, a place you can call home, away from home, with some additional perks to energize your mind, body and soul.

Comeā€¦ unlock yourself!

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