Our story


Our story

Clean air, magnificent vistas, bountiful natural resources, kind and gentle folk, a caring community, a slow life…spent mindfully. Long walks along meandering paths accompanied by rustling leaves and chirping birds, that steep hill that begs to be climbed, that feeling when you ascend to the top and stay mesmerized – it’s real, it’s raw and it makes you feel alive.

It’s these and so many more reasons why we were drawn to the mountains.

City life is tiring, the din, the pollution, stringent deadlines, never ending notifications, tire one’s mind and body. At the end of the day, we find ourselves yearning, for just a little bit of peace and quiet. You may try to get that at home, however, an authentic sense of bliss can only be achieved when you immerse yourself deep amidst nature, for some, they take off to the beach, many find solace, here in the hills.

Tavelling to the hills may not always go as planned. Basic necessities, like hygienic and comfortable accommodation or even a cup of coffee in the morning may seem difficult to find. Leading to you feeling tired and being unable to enjoy nature’s glory to its fullest.

We, at The Birdcage understand this and that’s why seven years ago, we were the first to bring a unique and elevated brand of hospitality to Mukteshwar, and well, even now, we’re the only ones who continue delivering warmth wrapped up in the most comfortable experiences. Luxurious accommodation, divine culinary experiences, a bar and very recently we also brought the most sublime spa offering to the hood.

We’re romantics, we’re in love with the mountains and its lifestyle. We endeavour to share this experience with like minded folk through our red roofed hamlet overlooking the awe inspiring Panchachuli range.

Our hills have given us a lot, and in many small ways we do our bit to give back. From processes designed to reduce our carbon footprint to sourcing materials locally as much as possible, we express our gratitude in varied ways.

Our team of young, well trained, passionate and enthusiastic professionals, thrive on love for what we do and respect one another. We’re committed to bring you cherished moments and lasting friendships. It’s the bigger things that matter here, experiences and good company make us rich, it’s a different vibe.

Come, unlock yourself!

We were blessed with a team of talented, enthusiastic, humble and hard working young professionals who helped us create The Birdcage.


Building Construction: Dharmendra Darmwal
Proprietor – Wonder Construction
darmwalrainbow@gmail.com | +919761454822

While he graduated in Horticulture, he quickly migrated to the field of construction because that’s where his passion lies. He believes in quality over quantity. He & his team worked relentlessly for 3 long years to turn all our dreams & visions into reality. He is also a master at landscaping in the mountains.


Interior Design: Aphun Gangmei
kg.aphun24@gmail.com | +919711254638

While he is young, he is immensely passionate about design and is brilliant at what he does. He always has many great ideas to help shape up your dreams. He worked very hard to design our furniture, art installations & landscaped pathways. And he also helped us improve our existing designs basis his creative inputs.

In the last couple of years, Aphun has assisted on design of two residential projects in Almora district and has solely designed Royal Mart Supermarket in Mukteshwar. He is currently residing in Mukteshwar and has a couple more projects in the pipeline.


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