Our story


Our story

It was time to move on, from the busy by lanes of Old Manali, to environs that offer peace and quietude. And, we found the perfect place, a beautiful orchard in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, one that not only offered tranquil surroundings, but views that would make every day perfect. What made us fall a little more in love with the place are the many avenues for absolute relaxation, rejuvenation and reinvention.

Prior to setting up The Birdcage, our team was busy running the very successful Drifters’ Inn and Café in Old Manali. And our hardwork helped us maintain the top spot on TripAdvisor all through the 8 years of our existence there. Drifters’ was No. 1 on TripAdvisor when we set it up in 2009 and it was still No. 1 when we closed shop in March 2017. A position we maintained even during the in between years. Drifters’ Café has always been the go to place for people looking to get their hands on the best continental food & truly amazing entertainment in Manali. We were always listed in the top 3 eateries in town.

The team that brought Old Manali a unique brand of hospitality, is now ready to serve it up with renewed warmth at The Birdcage. It’s our endeavour to continue to excel in what we do best. We are upping the ante and we hope you will give us a chance to serve you.

Come, unlock yourself!

We were blessed with a team of talented, enthusiastic, humble and hard working young professionals who helped us create The Birdcage.

Architecture: Himanshu Lal
Director Project
archi platform, Architecture & Research platform, New Delhi
Founding Architect
Sustainable Mountain Architecture, Kathmandu Nepal
himanshulal1744@gmail.com | +919999411077

Himanshu Lal, a graduate from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, has been working on sustainable climate responsive architecture since 8 years in high altitude regions of North India & Nepal

“The Birdcage Lodge has been designed looking into Sun, views and comfort for all the cottages. Minimum land cutting and filling was done to maintain the natural contours & landscape. Since water is scarce in Mukteshwar, rainwater harvesting techniques were incorporated in the design.”


Building Construction: Dharmendra Darmwal
Proprietor – Wonder Construction
darmwalrainbow@gmail.com | +919761454822

While he graduated in Horticulture, he quickly migrated to the field of construction because that’s where his passion lies. He believes in quality over quantity. He & his team worked relentlessly for 3 long years to turn all our dreams & visions into reality. He is also a master at landscaping in the mountains.


Interior Design: Aphun Gangmei
kg.aphun24@gmail.com | +919711754638

While he is young, he is immensely passionate about design and is brilliant at what he does. He always has many great ideas to help shape up your dreams. He worked very hard to design our furniture, art installations & landscaped pathways. And he also helped us improve our existing designs basis his creative inputs.


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